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Прага (Чехія)

Who we are 👩‍💻 🏢 📊
Found in 2014 in Prague, Czech Republic. Since that time, we have delivered various digital services to our clients from various industries in Europe.

Our mission is to deliver high added value services to our Clients.

We are proud of:
📌 In 2021, the company decides to grow and set up remote teams around the world
to serve clients;
📌 5+ satisfied clients across Europe;
📌 20+ members and keep growing;
📌 Our direct clients: NN, Projectman, DHL, Tesco, CreditInfo, Mall, McKinsey, BlueDynamic, Creative Dock/Moneta, Ikano Bank (IKEA Family), Company from The Big 4 etc.
📌 2 branches: Prague, Czech Republic and Kyiv, Ukraine.

Service we provide:
✅ End-to-End Product Design and Development;
✅ Design, build, launch and scale intelligent digital products and services;
✅ Staff Augmentation;
✅ Short-term and mid-term lease of IT Project Managers, UX/UI Designers, SW Analysts;
✅ SW Developers, and SW Testers;
✅ L2 and L3 Application and Infrastructure Support;
✅ Outsourcing of application and infrastructure L2 and L3 support;

We offer:
🍏 International customers;
🍏. Modern technologies;
🍏. Possibilities to grow;
🍏. Dynamic — interesting place;
🍏. Ability to work completely remotely from anywhere in the world;
🍏. Flexible work schedule (opportunity to start up to 11 am);
🍏. No time-tracking system and screen-shots;
🍏. Flat company — no hierarchy and bureaucracy;
🍏. Competitive salary and regular review of the salary; (1/per year)
🍏. Agile software development;
🍏. Opportunity to get access to PluralSight;
🍏. $200/year start bonus for education;
🍏. Reimbursement compensation ($50/month);

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