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Київ, Харків, Львів, Варшава (Польща), Тампа (США), Хайфа (Ізраїль)

A full-range digital marketing agency that helps tech companies grow online visibility, retain customers, and make a splash!

Whales Marketing is an AI-inspired team of data geeks and content nerds who help tech companies set sail in the digital ocean.

Craft your message, reach the right audiences, and win your niche with Whales.

🌎 20 + clients in 14 countries
⏳ 7 Years of supercharged performance
🌀 360° approach
🎯 142 Digital campaigns launched
🚀 41 Online solutions developed

Here’s what we do:
— Organic Marketing — SEO: Audit, optimization, link building, SERM, organic market research.
— Performance Marketing (PPC)
— Email Marketing
— Creative Services
— Web Analytics & Cross-platform Analytics
— Website Design & Development
— Marketing Research
— Marketing Strategy
— AI Marketing Technology Implementation

🏄🏽 Reasons You’ll Love Surfing the Digital Waves with Us:

👉🏼 Explorer Mode ON
We cultivate a culture of continuous growth and learning. Our team eagerly embraces new challenges with innovative solutions, cherishing creative and unconventional thinking.

👉🏼 Empowerment and Shine
At Whales Marketing, we encourage every team member to take action, make decisions, and shine like a rock star. We equip you with the tools to excel, fostering autonomy in decision-making and encouraging personal and professional growth.

👉🏼 Hybrid Work Format and Flexible Schedule
Enjoy the freedom to work remotely or in any of our open offices. At Whales Marketing, we focus on outcomes rather than strict schedules, valuing your results over your clock-in time.

👉🏼 Feedback Driven Development
We believe in the transformative power of feedback. Regular input from clients, colleagues, and partners is integral to our process, ensuring we align our strategies with team insights and continual improvements.

👉🏼 Think Big
We’re not just participants in the digital marketing field; we’re pioneers. With a vision that spans globally, we continuously seek groundbreaking business ideas and innovative market strategies.

👉🏼 Career Growth and Bonuses
Whales Marketing is committed to your professional development. With annual reviews and assessments, we ensure your career trajectory is as dynamic and forward-moving as our agency.

Want to work at Whales? We’re waiting for your CV!

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