WeWay is the first of its kind ecosystem that based on Things-To-Earn (Learn, Move, Find, etc.), encouraging our community to learn, have fun, invest, and generate ever-growing revenue from the $WWY token.
13 вересня 2022

SMM Manager (вакансія неактивна)


WeWay is the first of its kind entertainment ecosystem that creates a complete place for creators to interact with their audience. The platform provides innovative tools to increase viewership and monetize content, allowing fans to get closer to their favorite creators.

WeAcademy — a part of WeWay ecosystem. It’s highly transparent and community-oriented crypto university.

We are looking for an SMM manager.


— Creation of advertising campaigns with bloggers, successful cases
— Knowledge of tools and analytics systems for working with bloggers
— Knowledge of the key metrics to assess the effectiveness of the campaign, the ability to predict them
— Successful cases with sales of the product through bloggers, understanding of audience engagement through influence
— Understanding of the field and interest in the crypto niche

— Experience in writing sales texts, competent speech (oral and written)
— Knowledge of content marketing and advertising
— At least 2 years of experience in SMM and content management
— Understanding of the nuances of social media: algorithms, audience behavior, effective content formats
— Ability to work in a team, creative thinking, activity and good taste
— Basic skills and understanding of work with graphic editors and photostocks
— Ability to work in an active multitasking mode
— Ability to work with all tools and approaches of communication on Twitter


Selection, planning and implementation of influence-marketing projects
— Working with opinion leaders on Instagram, TikTok, Twitch and other social networks, from selection and planning to implementation and measurement
— Interacting with partner bloggers and conducting collaborations: communication, discussing terms, setting up TOR, follow up on commitments
— Creating creative ideas, progression strategies and content plans for bloggers
— Preparation of presentations, implementation plan, etc.
— Monitoring and analysis of the market

— Maintenance and development of Telegram Channel and social networks of the company
— Creation and publication of unique and selling content for the Telegram Channel and social networks, interaction with the audience.
— Participation in the promotion of the channel, attracting new subscribers.
— Working with engagement of subscribers: running contests, polls, quizzes, games and other activities.
— Analyzing activity: attendance statistics, subscriber growth, subscriber engagement, and reporting
— Preparation and carrying out of base progressions (sales mailing lists)
— Developing and implementing the actions, assistance in conducting the webinars, events, promo activities with partners
— Interaction with marketing department, intensive teamwork
— Setting up TOR for designers and production

What we offer:
Remote work or relocate to Dubai;
Flexible schedule;
Full social package;
Competitive salary;
Localization of the Company’s branches: France, UAE, Montenegro;
Opportunity for personal and professional growth.

About WeWay:

WeWay is a multichain token and an Entertainment ecosystem with NFT Marketplace for creators, celebrities and their fans. WeWay aims to build the first of it’s kind Influencer Metaverse and already provides Experiences, Fundraising, Streaming and Exclusive Members Clubs and Voting mechanisms.

Users can interact with their favourite celebrities by participating in quests, joining content creation process, buying, holding and reselling their NFT’s as tickets, art pieces, shares of income or in other ways of utility.

WeWay is expanding into a metaverse and planning to launch it in the Q4 of 2022 by adding virtual tourism, art galleries, digital fashion, auctions, toolkits for developers, owning/selling/leasing/renting land plots. Implementing the use of VR, AR and XR technologies.