WePlay Studios

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WePlay Studios is a content-driven production company that blends gaming, technology, and storytelling to create unparalleled viewer experiences. The company accelerates the entertainment industry with creative solutions in broadcasting, augmented reality, visual effects, interactive experiences, etc. Networks, brands, and agencies around the world turn to WePlay Studios for content development, production execution, and highly targeted brand integrations.

Founded in Kyiv, Ukraine, by Yura Lazebnikov and Oleg Krot, the company has dual headquarters in Los Angeles, California, and Kyiv, Ukraine, with high-tech arenas and studios specialized for creating content of any kind. Today, WePlay Studios is the strategic partner of One True King, the largest streaming community in the United States, and the production partner of the Enthusiast Gaming organization.

The WePlay team was shortlisted for the Sports Emmy Awards for 2022 for outstanding coverage of an esports event and a finalist of the 2021 Esports Awards for Creative Team of the Year, among many other awards. WePlay Studios is proud to have developed, produced, hosted, and broadcast over 30 esports and gaming events, amassing nearly two million followers and 235 million views on Twitch.