wemakemvp.com was founded in 2020. It all started as a solo consultancy which was focused in no-code development helping startups launching MVPs. In 2021 the first employee was hired and the agency was started. By 2022 we have worked on 50 different startup projects helping them launching marketplaces, Saas platforms, mobile apps, etc.
30 вересня 2022

Junior Project Manager (вакансія неактивна)

віддалено від $500

Looking for a future COO for a product studio WeMakeMVP. You will be managing no-code developers and synchronizing client vision with the developers. You will closely collaborate with CEO, assisting in day-to-day operations.


  • B2+ English.
  • Leadership.
  • Understanding the basics of Product Management.


  • Being keen on startups.
  • Experience working in a product IT company as an intern.
  • Experience launching projects.
  • Experience with no-code tools.
  • Web development experience.
  • Higher education in Math.


  • Syncing daily with customers on development status (text/video-calls).
  • Syncing with developers daily, setting priorities (text/video-calls).
  • Putting client’s vision into backlog tickets and tasks in JIRA.
  • Sourcing relevant when needed solving advanced technical issues.
  • Reporting to CEO, helping CEO with business operations.

About the company

We are a service company that develops software products for clients without coding. The whole team works remotely. No schedule, just do tasks on time. We don’t blame employees on making mistakes, but not repeating them is crucial. Our market(no-code market) is new and has a potential to grow quickly during the next 5 years, therefore, we and you can grow with it incredibly fast as well.

We offer

  • Working closely with startup founders from United States and Europe.
  • Potential to grow to COO.
  • Remote job with flexible hours.
  • Mentoring sessions with the CEO.

How to apply

Send your CV with a #nocode_pm tag to @wemakemvp_hiring via Telegram. From there we would schedule time for an interview in Zoom.