Welltech (ex-Amazing Apps) is about creating mobile applications that improve the Health of Millions of People around the World.
22 листопада 2023

Middle Back-end Developer (Python) for a new product (вакансія неактивна)

Варшава (Польща)

Here at Welltech we create mobile applications for the Health & Fitness category. The company is currently in the world’s TOP3 (H&F) in terms of sales revenue.

Grow with us:

• 5+ years on the global market
• 500+ professionals (over the past year we have grown 2 times)
• 5+ apps
• 200M+ downloads
• Our applications are sold all over the world with a focus on the USA, Latin America, Europe, and we are actively entering the Asian markets

We are starting a new product to control the most challenging parts of weight-loss programs: compliance to the program and retention. Yes, people do make mistakes and get off diets, exercising and monitoring their habits. And we’re gonna fight it! So, the work we do matters. Come and be a part of it.

When embarking on the development of a new product with a growth-oriented approach, it is crucial to establish a strong foundation for conducting experiments. The server-side, also known as the backend, serves as a fundamental support structure, integrating all the services, products, and analytics. We are seeking for Backend Python Developer who possesses a startup mindset to collaborate with us in constructing this essential engine.

Challenges you’ll meet:

• Creating a product from scratch
• Designing optimal product architecture
• Working with Real-Time Communication services
• Working with the core AWS services (AWS Lambda/API Gateway/SQS/CloudFormation/CloudWatch/SNS)

Your professional qualities:

• 2+ years of experience in Python3.X
• Experience in developing/supporting client-server applications and in RESTful services
• Experience with serverless AWS services (Lambda/API Gateway/SQS/CloudFormation/CloudWatch)
• Strong knowledge of SQL and relational databases
• Understanding of OOP, SOLID, design patterns
• Understanding the basics of networking
• Work experience with Terminal
• Work experience with Git
• Upper-intermediate English
• Working with asynchrony in Python

Personal skills and values:

• Being adaptable allows you to quickly adjust to new situations, embrace change, and navigate ambiguity with ease.
• Willingness to work collaboratively with cross-functional teams are essential for achieving shared goals.
• Being a resourceful problem solver is highly valued. Having the ability to think critically, analyze situations, and propose creative solutions is essential for overcoming obstacles and driving progress.
• Startups value employees who take ownership of their work, demonstrate a sense of responsibility, and hold themselves accountable for their actions. This includes meeting deadlines, delivering results, and taking pride in the quality of work produced.
• Passion and a strong sense of purpose

Join our team and be part of an exciting journey in a dynamic startup environment! We’re seeking talented individuals who are passionate about innovation, eager to make a significant impact, and thrive in fast-paced settings.

We create comfortable conditions for cooperation focused on your rhythm of life, work and rest and offer:


• Organization of medical insurance
• You will have an opportunity to use our mobile applications for free (yoga, running, fitness)
• Individual budget for sports / equipment purchase
• Individual budget for consultations with a psychologist

Growth and development

• Individual budget for professional training and learning foreign languages
• Online corporate library
• Team of skilled professionals that share knowledge and support each other

Check out some of our products

• Muscle Booster — musclebooster.fitness
• Yoga-Go — yoga-go.fit
• FitCoach — fitcoach.fit
• WalkFit — walkfit.pro
• Omo — bit.ly/OMOio

Candidate journey: ⭕️ Intro call ----> ⭕️ Interview ---->⭕️ Final Interview

In our team, you’ll find an opportunity to develop and implement your ideas, as well as to make the world a better place!