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WebMeridian is a full-service Magento development company focused on developing, delivering, and supporting eCommerce solutions.

Our technology stack includes Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce, React.js, and other framework-based solutions. Our core technology is Magento.

Our Values:
People-Oriented Approach — Each employee in the company is unique. We want everyone to express their individuality and grow as professionals. Honest human interactions and all-around care are what we provide to our employees, and they respond in kind.

Direct Relationships — We don’t appreciate bureaucracy. We prefer everything to be transparent and simple. Our employees are encouraged to communicate with each other, inside the teams, and quickly solve all questions that may arise without creating additional time-consuming steps.

Proactive Mindset — Our team does more than simply complete assigned tasks. We always strive to maintain creative and positive thinking and seize opportunities to learn from the unique aspects of each project.

Employee Growth and Development — First and foremost, we are interested in your professional growth. That is why we always improve our internal activities and provide our employees with skills growth opportunities.

We are tech lovers and passionate eCommerce experts. Honest human interactions, professional growth, transparent work processes, and a positive atmosphere — are our pillars.

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