WebLab Technology

21...80 специалистов
Харьков, Таллинн (Эстония)

Distributed remote-first team since 2013. We follow the principles of remote work from Basecamp (ex 37signals).

We work for stable medium and large businesses. The products we developed are used by corporations like AstraZeneca, Emmar Properties, Novartis, Pfizer, ING and Philips..

We work by providing a complete Research and Development managed teams. We do not have outstaffing services and we do not integrate into foreign code base.

We deliberately keep the company small to focus on comfort and technical development. Nomad life-style friendly.
We keep the company free of project managers, sales managers, performance managers and other managers of something. We do not do UI/UX and other types of design. We are about the complex logic.

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