Репутація українського ІТ. Пройти опитування Асоціації IT Ukraine

30 ноября 2018 2:00

Sviatoslav Marynin, The main duty of the Project CEO is to find and set the right people for the right work

Web Academy is the right place to start your IT education and grow as a professional. It’s also a place where you can improve your existed knowledge.

As for me, I’m attending the IT Project Management Course at the moment. Lots of practical questions discussed in lessons makes the education very close to reality. Our teacher Stas Samko is always opened to questions from students and everybody gets answers to his/her questions.

Also, it was a pleasure to be a part of Web Academy’s team on Global Hack Weekend’18. I think it’s important that the company gives not only theoretical knowledge but the opportunity to validate it.

Now I feel more prepared for the challenges which I’m usually facing in a company I work for. I’d definitely recommend Web Academy to all my friends and followers as the perfect place to learn IT.


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