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9 октября 2020

Android OS Engineer (вакансия неактивна)

Харьков, Львов, удаленно

Необходимые навыки

• 4+ years of development experience
• Android programming concepts such as services, async tasks, fragments, threads, activities, AIDL, JNI.
• Must be able to work on devices and comfortable with HW, complex build systems
• Solid computer science concepts: threads, processes, memory usage, OS, mutex/semaphores.
• Experienced with Java
• Ability to navigate large amounts of code
• Be able to implement a simple new app from scratch with a few hours and do some basic prototyping. We are not looking for experts here, but a Hello World app should only take 15 minutes to set up and doing something interesting within 8 hours

Будет плюсом

•Basic to medium level scripting on Python, Bash. Need the ability to learn more to get the job done
•C/C++ knowledge
•Experience with the AOSP build system or complex builds
•Docker containers. Run builds, debugging, and to deploy simple services
•Web front end, Javascript, REST API development, databases


Why work with us?
• Life at Waverley means collaborating with dedicated professionals, passionate about technology
• Our people demonstrate outstanding engineering culture through constant learning and knowledge-sharing
• We value Responsible Freedom, which means we evaluate the results and have flexibility in work style or locations

We offer:
• A chance to contribute to the cutting edge of Silicon Valley software development
• Possibility to work in a startup-like atmosphere, in a new and growing team
• Modern office, comfortable work environment, the best tools
• Competitive compensation
• Friendly inspiring atmosphere


The project will have a broad set of initiatives and these are the types of projects you will be working on. Though we are not looking for a full-stack engineer, there are opportunities to do work up and down the stack. So you won’t be stuck in one area and you will be able to move around.

• Android OS and Linux OS based device management. Opportunities to learn some key drivers and a surface-level enough to get key information and to deliver the info to a host server. From driver/RIL to OS to app services to cloud.
• Solving hard problems at the module levels of USB, telephony, wifi, Bluetooth, etc.
• Distributive OS automation.
• System tools for memory profiling, power management, memory leaks, etc.
• We’re starting to use Raspberry PI’s quite a bit for the work we’re doing.
• For those with the experience: web, server work in javascript frameworks such as React. If you can do this and some of the other stuff on this list, that would be a plus!

О проекте

Our client is a Smart terminals and open commerce platform provider based in the USA.

Customer’s real-time data pipeline ingests, normalizes, and aggregates billions of events from the apps and Smart Terminal, and deliver instant insights and trigger alerts on web/mobile apps for each of our customer types. They constantly tread the line between performance and scalability, using many different backend tools and optimizations to produce the most useful yet fastest interfaces and alerts.