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Киев, Минск (Беларусь), Чикаго (США), Токио (Япония), Сингапур (Сингапур), Берлин (Германия), Сидней (Австралия), Прага (Чехия), Никосия (Кипр)

13 вакансий в Киеве, опыт 3…5 лет

  • Project Manager (Creative Agency) Киев, Минск (Беларусь), удаленно
    Wargaming is looking for an experienced, energetic, and proactive Project Manager to join the Creative Agency Team. Creative Agency is over 130 creative talents in 3 regions (EU, CIS, Asia) that focus on producing marketing content for Wargaming products.
  • Game Designer Киев
    Wargaming Kyiv is looking for a Game Designer to lead the Character and Core gameplay mechanics creation for the next big PC/Console free-to-play Vehicle Shooter title using Unreal Engine 4. What will you do?
  • UI/UX Designer (World of Tanks Blitz) Киев, Минск (Беларусь), удаленно
    The Wargaming mobile development studio MS-1 that created World of Tanks Blitz, the world-renowned cross-platform shooter game with over 140 million downloads around the globe, is looking for an experienced UX/UI designer.
  • UX/UI Designer ‎(New Product) Киев, Минск (Беларусь), удаленно
    Wargaming Mobile Studio, responsible for World of Tanks Blitz development and operations, is looking for a UX/UI Designer to work on an exciting new multiplayer hero shooter with a third-person view targeting a worldwide mobile audience.
  • UX/UI Designer (new mobile shooter) Киев, Минск (Беларусь), удаленно
    Wargaming Mobile Studio, responsible for World of Tanks Blitz development and operations, is looking for a passionate and natural-born UX/UI Designer to apply her/his skills on an exciting new multiplayer slow-vehicle shooter with a third-person view targeting a worldwide...
  • UI/UX Designer (Interactive Agency) Киев, Минск (Беларусь), удаленно
    The Agency of Wargaming is looking for an experienced UX/UI Designer/Art Director to join the Interactive Agency team. As a UX/UI Designer, your responsibility is the user. You should have solid skills in research, strategy, prototyping, interaction design, and architecture.
  • UI Artist (New Product) Киев, за рубежом, удаленно
    Wargaming MS-1 studio is looking for a UI Artist to design and create high-quality interface art assets (menus, buttons, icons, and user feedback animations) for an exciting new multiplayer hero shooter on Unreal Engine targeting a worldwide mobile audience.
  • Game Designer Киев
    Wargaming is looking for a Game Designer to work on our unannounced project based on UE4. What will you do?
  • C++ Programmer Киев
    Wargaming is looking for a C++ Programmer to join the Platform team. The team’s primary goal is maintaining quick and easy access to all Wargaming games, simplifying the release process for features and games, lowering their development expenses.
  • Game Developer Киев
    Wargaming is looking for a Game Developer to assist in the creation of the next big free-to-play title from Wargaming, the company that brought us World of Tanks and one of the strongest free-to-play PC game companies in the world. What will you do?
  • Wargaming is looking for a 3D Artist. What will you do?
  • UX/UI Designer (World of Tanks) Киев, Минск (Беларусь), удаленно
    The World of Tanks development team is looking for a proactive and motivated UX/UI Designer. In this role, you will create new World of Tanks functions and improve the existing ones, and also contribute to the game-related products.
  • Build Engineer Киев
    Wargaming development studio based in Kyiv is looking to hire a Build Engineer to work on a new project.

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