Walkout Technologies is an award-winning computer vision company that develops AI-Solutions for European Retailers. Enabling shoppers with computer vision to buy conveniently without standing in line. We are a German start-up with solid financing and united in our fascination with AI and the future of retail.
27 липня 2022 Перша робота

Data Engineer (Python)

Київ, за кордоном, віддалено


  • Drive the data collection, processing, cleaning, and labeling tasks for the Smoothr voice product.
  • Guide engineers who do the speech data labeling and validate their results
  • Develop tools that make work with speech data efficient


  • Strong programming skills in Python
  • Experience in data processing for Deep Learning

Would be a plus

  • Advanced in German (BIG PLUS)
  • Experience in signal processing, preferably speech
  • Experience in natural language processing