Walkout Technologies is an award-winning computer vision company that develops AI-Solutions for European Retailers. Enabling shoppers with computer vision to buy conveniently without standing in line. We are a German start-up with solid financing and united in our fascination with AI and the future of retail.
25 травня 2022

Junior technical support specialist / Trainee / Junior Node.js developer (вакансія неактивна)

Київ, віддалено

Vacancy responsibilities:

  • Deployment, setup, monitoring and support actuality and working state of node.js services on remote installs and servers.
  • Development node.js services, software interface for hardware such as cameras, sensors, ....
  • Remote manage and support during installation and configuration of hardware solutions such as cameras, sensors, embedded boards and servers.

Vacancy requirements:

  • Degree in software engineering, electrical engineering, computer science or related field
  • Knowledge of JavaScript
  • Experience with Node.js
  • Linux OS knowledge (user spaces) and linux command line experience
  • Understanding of computer network
  • Experience with embedded board such as raspberry pi, arduino (ESP8266/ESP32), etc...
  • At least Intermediate level of English and higher
  • Basic ssh, git, json, pm2, npm or yarn knowledge

Vacancy plus options:

  • Knowledge of C language as a plus
  • Experience with REST API/HTTP methods
  • Experience with Socket.io framework
  • Good understanding of networking technologies such as TCP/IP, Socket, WebSocket, video streaming etc.
  • Experience and understanding of working principles common electronics periphery (UART, SPI, USB, ... etc.) is a big plus
  • Experience in embedded development
  • 1+ years of commercial experience is a plus