WaardeX is a marketing technology company that helps businesses to execute growth strategies through digital advertising. Founded in 2015, located in Amsterdam, Tallinn, and Kyiv. The company’s solutions were created to answer businesses’ needs for simplicity, transparency, performance, and safety to achieve maximum results due to digital advertising and associated services. WaardeX’ clients are media buyers, agencies, advertisers and publishers.

Product and services

WaardeX DSP
Programmatic advertising platform for marketing and advertising agencies, media buyers and businesses. The platform supports all advertising formats on all devices. It provides wide access to ad placements, and uses top security practices of the industry.

WaardeX SSP
WaardeX SSP is a monetization solution, that helps publishers to make money from their content on web-sites or applications. It serves key market channels including desktop, mobile, video and native through all devices.

Waardex AdExchange
Real-Time Bidding Ad Exchange — a technology platform that facilitates the process of buying and selling advertising inventory for multiple demand and supply partners through real-time auctions

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