VT Labs

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About the company

VT Labs is a family-owned software development company founded in Tallinn in 2016. Our core specialization is e-commerce web development. As a Shopify Partner, we provide clients with custom solutions and strive to eliminate bottlenecks that hold back from getting things done. With VT Labs, ecommerce gets better. We serve customers globally across various regions of North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

Our office is planted firmly in Kyiv but most of our employees work away from the office. We do our best to reduce the distance impact and make it feel like we’re working under the same roof.

We aim to create an environment with good communication channels, making it easy for employees to contact one another and book a call with the CEO, PM, or any other key team member to voice problems or share ideas. We avoid criticism and let people be inspired by their failures and give feedback on what went wrong, or why the idea wasn’t really feasible.

Our workplace has a high-trust culture. We want to work with people who we trust. There is no quicker way to destroy any trust is to micromanage someone. Hiring competent specialists means for us to let them do their job on their own. The future of work is trust, not tracking.

Our main services:

• Headless Commerce
• Custom Store Development
• Custom App Development
• Frontend Development
• Backend Development
• IT Consulting
• Web Design

About our technologies:

Shopify, Javascript, Ruby on Rails, ReactJS, Node.js, Gatsby.js, Redux, Jest, Enzyme, Bootstrap, Rspec, Heroku, Material UI, Liquid, DigitalOcean, AWS and more!

Why VT Labs?

• Team of open-minded specialists
• Career development opportunities
• Low hierarchy
• Professional training programs
• Ability to work from anywhere
• Flexible working hours
• 18 business days of paid leave
• Unlimited sick leave (50% of the regular rate)
• Competitive salary in $

We’re always looking for talented people. Be a part of something inspiring and fun. Send us your CV: [email protected]