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Voypost is a Berlin-based Software Development and Staff Augmentation company that helps organisations to design and build the right digital solutions and products with the right people.

Since 2019, we at Voypost:

— Design, build and scale digital products and solutions for companies of any size.
— Augment teams with rigorously vetted software engineers and product designers.
— Supply companies with multi-disciplinary dedicated teams tailored for specific use-cases.

Our history:

— Founded in 2018 as a B2C product startup ourselves, we pivoted multiple times and, by 2019, established a service to assist other startups in MVP development.
— Throughout our journey, we’ve expanded our services to include Staff Augmentation, Dedicated Teams, and Product Discovery.
— Now we have a team of 55 professionals and have delivered 50+ projects.

Our stack:
— Web/Frontend: JavaScript/TypeScript, React.js (+NextJS), VueJS, Angular
— Mobile/iOS/Android/Desktop: React Native, Dart (Flutter), Swift, Kotlin, Electron

— Backend: NodeJS (+Express, +NestJS), GoLang, Python (+Django), Java, PHP (+Laravel), С/С++, C#/.NET, Ruby (+Ruby on Rails)
— Databases/Storages: PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis, Elasticsearch

— DevOPS: Docker, Kubernetes, Terraform, CircleCI, RabbitMQ
— Cloud: AWS, GCP, Azure
— Serverless: Firebase, Supabase, Amplify

— AI Automation: Open AI, Zapier, Make.com, RPA, Botpress, TensorFlow

— Testing: Jest, Cypress, Detox, Selenium

— Headless CMS: Strapi, Contentful, Prismic, Sanity.io, Ghost

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