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Voypost is a European IT company that challenges everything you know about web and mobile application development.
We are not just a team but a family united by a shared idea.

There are growing businesses from Europe and America among our clients.
The main Voypost’s goal is not just to develop applications, but to expand the capabilities of our customers and bring them to the leading positions of their respective markets

What makes our team so bound?
The team is the greatest value in the company, since at Voypost, people are not a resource, but the asset.

We offer a large list of benefits, which we did not reduce with the start of a full-scale war, but rather expanded:
— full remote;
— 20 working days of paid vacation;
— 5 days of paid sick leave;
— regular evaluation and review of wages (every 6 months);
— English courses;
— Medical Insurance;
— a monthly budget for sports, entertainment or hobbies, which helps to maintain work-life balance;
— educational budget;
— coworking compensation;
— various online events;
— offline meetings twice a year;
— holidays and special events gifts.

What makes us a leader?
We do care about quality, not quantity.
We take a responsible approach to the selection of employees and we highly value those who are already a part of our team.
We are not afraid of new visions — we encourage it.
There is an atmosphere in the company that stimulates employees to develop and grow professionally.

Ready to join our family?
Send us your resume right now — and perhaps your life will change for better.
All in all, Voypost is not just a job — it’s a lifestyle.