Voyagu is a San Francisco-based travel management platform and marketplace connecting clients with travel advisors and suppliers to pay less, get more organized travel, and have quick access to human support.

Our machine learning-based search engine provides clients with personalized offerings 35% cheaper than online prices. The platform also backs the automation of post-booking and workflow effectiveness to free up time for the travel advisor to provide better client support and empathetic problem-solving.

The platform reduces the search time for travel advisors from hours to minutes, enabling a 220% boost in gross revenue and a triple increase in annual personal income.

The platform also facilitates easy entry into the travel advisor field, even if the person doesn’t have previous experience as a travel agent. There is a shortage of qualified travel workers right now, so this is an important tool to help close that gap.
Voyagu makes trip management and post-booking changes easy and effective. Long-term impact includes high client retention rates, up to 87% customer satisfaction, and a minimum of two repeat bookings per client annually.

Our office locations in the U.S., East and West Coast, Europe, and Eastern Europe give us an international presence and proximity to our partners and investors.

In our team, we unite diverse, open-minded, agile people who are passionate about travel and excited to grow their careers and our company together.