Visartech Inc. is an IT services agency & game production studio that acts as a reliable technology partner who can back up businesses with tech consulting and full cycle game & software development services.
22 листопада 2022

Mobile Technical Lead (вакансія неактивна)

за кордоном, віддалено

Our team is looking for a Mobile Technical Lead to join our team remotely. We are looking for someone who is an expert in his field, willing to provide the best possible results on the projects and share his expertise with the team. As the technical lead, you will be responsible for mentoring other members on the development team, making key decisions about technical matters, and more.


Visartech Inc. is a development partner with 12+ years’ experience that provides services from initial concepts to custom 3D solutions leveraging cutting-edge technologies to foster our clients to become trendsetting digital enterprises.


Together with your colleagues, you will be developing a mobile application that helps people around the globe to prepare for English exams as IELTS. The app will be available in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and be useful for people who are learning a foreign language in a new country. There is no legacy code or external teams, only our development team and a Product Owner with a Scrum Master.


React, React Native, AWS. The backend is written in Node.js.


⦿ Deep understanding of JavaScript: the features and peculiarities of native JavaScript.
⦿ Strong knowledge of React Native architecture best practices. Ability to design a clean architecture for an app.
⦿ Experience with Native APIs for tight integrations with both platforms — Android and iOS.
⦿ Experience with third-party dependencies and APIs.
⦿ Understanding TDD, writing unit and integration tests.
⦿ Experience of designing the product architecture and implementing it (or leading the implementation) from scratch.
⦿ Experience of dealing with non-trivial problems and tasks (algorithms, math, complex integration problems, etc.). Ability to find innovative solutions for the non-trivial tasks.
⦿ Excellent troubleshooting and learning skills.
⦿ Upper-intermediate English (written and spoken).
⦿ Experience in mentoring other developers.
⦿ Experience with native mobile development for iOS and/or Android will be a plus.


⦿ Preparation of a strategy for the technical development of the project or part of it, adaptation and adjustment of this strategy depending on the requirements and circumstances.
⦿ Implement best practices and coding standards. Understand how the code is, and then find the best way to improve it.
⦿ Ensure a quality code review process.
⦿ Provide technical advice and guide other team members through technical issues and challenges.
⦿ Encouraging healthy debate and discussion within the team and facilitating the decision-making process.
⦿ Participation in hiring process. Conduction technical interviews.
⦿ Delegation of tasks and responsibilities for different parts of the project to other team members.


We want smart people in the team who are able to make decisions by themselves, so you can choose when to work, from what place, when to take paid vacations, and how many.

We truly believe that a successful employee is a successful company. We support you with compensation for attending various courses and certifications. We have challenging projects and people to learn from.

At our Visartech family, we have a tradition of celebrating birthdays and other holidays together. We won’t judge you for mistakes and care about your working environment.


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