Visartech Inc. is an IT services agency & game production studio that acts as a reliable technology partner who can back up businesses with tech consulting and full cycle game & software development services.
30 червня 2022 GameDev

Middle/Senior Unity3D Technical Artist (вакансія неактивна)


Visartech is looking for a Unity3D Technical Artist. You will work on interesting and challenging tasks, as well as setups, scripts, tool settings, shaders, etc. We expect technical expertise and technological proposals for the development of new or existing projects.


Visartech Inc. is a development partner with 11+ years’ experience that provides services from initial concepts to custom 3D solutions leveraging cutting-edge technologies to foster our clients to become trendsetting digital enterprises.


⦿ Experience profiling the graphics performance on mobile/PC/Console platforms.
⦿ Experience with Unity and 2D, 3D content.
⦿ Experience with Unity URP, HDRP.
⦿ Understanding of the rendering of game engine processes.
⦿ Customizing existing and writing your own post-processing options.
⦿ Knowledge of the lighting systems principles.
⦿ Setting the lighting on the scene.
⦿ C# code writing using different programming patterns.
⦿ Experience with GitHub\Bitbucket.
⦿ Work with GIT programs.
⦿ Experience in creating shaders using Unity3D ShaderGraph/Amplify Shader and writing HLSL/Cg/ShaderLab shaders.
⦿ Creating shaders for different render pipelines in Unity 3D engine.
⦿ Work with asset bundles.
⦿ Setting and testing the quality levels of graphics on different types of devices and platforms.
⦿ Visual simulation of real and game processes;
⦿ Preparation of tools for level design.
⦿ Writing art controllers for use by programmers and level designers.
⦿ Work with technical documentation on the development of art for projects.
⦿ Implementation of the 2D, 3D assets.
⦿ Setting up 2D/3D content.
⦿ Experience in optimization of the graphic work of the scene.
⦿ Experience with animations in Unity 3D and writing controllers for them.
⦿ Skills in developing controllers for controlling characters in animations and processes.
⦿ Skills in working with render post-processing.
⦿ Work with a team of artists.

➕ It will be a plus:

⦿ Experience with development of visual effects, particle system skills.
⦿ Creation of 3D models and modification of existing ones.
⦿ Development of procedural textures.
⦿ Texturing 3D models.
⦿ Creating animations in third-party animation environments.
⦿ Optimization of 3D models for use in VR/AR and mobile applications.
⦿ Export/import assets using different types of files.


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