Visartech Inc. is an IT services agency & game production studio that acts as a reliable technology partner who can back up businesses with tech consulting and full cycle game & software development services.
29 грудня 2021

Project Manager (вакансія неактивна)

Київ, віддалено

Our company is looking for a Project Manager. Your goals are the delivery of the expected result within the expected deadlines and budgets, to be a leader to the project team, and the bridge between the team and the client.🔥


Visartech Inc. is a development partner with 11+ years’ experience that provides services from initial concepts to custom 3D solutions leveraging cutting-edge technologies to foster our clients to become trendsetting digital enterprises.


Your goal will be to manage the development team, maintain the agile development process, handle the occurring problems, communicate with clients on a project or sprint plans and on actual work results, and ensure the overall project health and success.


⦿ 2+ years of experience as a PM
⦿ English: Upper-Intermediate or higher (both written and spoken)
⦿ Experience with Atlassian Jira and Confluence.
⦿ Deep knowledge of software development processes and procedures.
⦿ Knowledge of Agile practices (Scrum, Kanban)
⦿ Excellent leadership skills
⦿ Effective communication
⦿ Negotiation skills
⦿ Risk Management experience
⦿ Organization and Planning skills
⦿ Proactive and self-motivated


⦿ Be the main contact person for a client on the project. Communicate with a client on a project plan (long-term), estimates, planned sprint scope, actual sprint results, etc. Everything except project requirements which BA will be responsible for
⦿ Manage project teams, monitor team performance
⦿ Control a budget and scope of the project
⦿ Handle client feedback in terms of the overall development process, speed, quality, etc. Solve the issues communicated by the client together with the team
⦿ Maintain the Agile development process (preferably Scrum). Organize and mediate team meetings as a part of that process
⦿ Setup project on Jira and Confluence, be responsible for those, and for keeping project assets and info in order
⦿ Create long-term high-level project plans for the client
⦿ Risk Management on the project
⦿ Oversee and approve the team members’ time-sheets, make up monthly reports on team results and implemented functionality, send invoices to client.


We want smart people in the team who are able to make decisions by themselves, so you can choose when to work, from what place, when to take paid vacations, and how many.
We truly believe that a successful employee is a successful company, we support you with compensation for attending various courses and certifications. We have challenging projects and people to learn from.
At our Visartech family, we have a tradition to celebrate birthdays and other holidays together. We won’t judge you for mistakes, and we care about your working environment.


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