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20 августа 2021

Middle C++ Developer (вакансия неактивна)

Киев, удаленно

Our company is looking for a Middle C++ Developer to join a famous IoT product, #1 in its niche in the US. The Project is a #1 indoor golf simulator/launch monitor in the US, that allows golf players to practice their skills at home, play on real golf courses, compete with friends.


Visartech Inc. is a development partner with 10+ years’ experience that provides services from initial concepts to custom 3D solutions leveraging cutting-edge technologies to foster our clients to become trendsetting digital enterprises.


⦿ Excellent knowledge and 2+ years of experience in C++ 11.
⦿ Good knowledge of С (we use C for bindings with other languages).
⦿ SQLite, the experience of working with SQL databases.
⦿ Сurl/OpenSSL, experience with REST APIs.
⦿ Understanding TDD, ability to write unit-tests.
⦿ Understanding CMake and how to use it to build C/C++ applications for different platforms.
⦿ English: intermediate or higher.
⦿ Experience with git.
⦿ Knowledge of Objective C / Swift basics or desire to learn them would be a plus.
⦿ Desire to work and enjoy 😁


⦿ Refactor and improve the security layer around the golf launch monitor
⦿ Cover it with unit-tests
⦿ Make it build with CMake to help DevOps setup CI/CD
⦿ Create sample applications for different platforms: iOS, Android, Windows, Mac (optional)
⦿ Be ready to solve new problems, always learn and improve yourself


We want smart people in the team who are able to make decisions by themselves, so you can choose when to work, from what place, when to take paid vacations, and how many.
We truly believe that a successful employee is a successful company, we support you with compensation for attending various courses and certifications. We have challenging projects and people to learn from.
At our Visartech family, we have a tradition to celebrate birthdays and other holidays together. We won’t judge you for mistakes, and we care about your working environment.


💡 First acquaintance ----> 💡 Interview ----> 💡 Final Interview


⦿ Skytrak: a set of apps that offers golf training and helps to master golf skills.
⦿ Pain Relief Cure: a virtual reality project that helps to reduce pain in the course of patient treatment.
⦿ Chainsaw Assembly: a simulation of 3D parts that can be combined in a chainsaw under manuals.
⦿ Power Rangers: an official card game based on the legendary Power Rangers franchise.
⦿ Warghs: a match 3 puzzle game with adventure and storytelling elements.
⦿ Wizardtech: a gamified app for the team to gather bonuses and exchange them for real prizes.
⦿ C-Fall: a hypercasual game that allows gathering points and competing with other players.
⦿ GummyGo: a hypercasual game with numerous levels and exciting challenges.
⦿ Time Drop: featured 3 times on Google Play with 500,000+ installs.
⦿ ExplorR: the Second place and the Most Popular Startup by CCPC 2019.

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Don’t forget there are always projects under the NDA.