9 вакансій

  • 21 червня 2022
    Node.js Developer віддалено
    We are looking for a Node.js Developer responsible for managing the interchange of data between the server and the users.
  • 21 червня 2022
    JavaScript Full-Stack Engineer віддалено
    Visartech is looking for a JavaScript Full-Stack Engineer to join our team remotely. We are looking for someone who is an expert in his field, willing to provide the best possible project results and share his expertise with the team. ABOUT US Visartech Inc.
  • 20 червня 2022
    PHP Full-Stack Developer Київ, віддалено
    We’re looking for a PHP Full-Stack Developer to join our team of 5 people (PM, BA, UI/UX Designer, DevOps, QA) and help us develop a backend side of a multiplatform app. YOUR GOAL As a PHP developer, you will be responsible for developing and coding all server-side logic.
  • 14 червня 2022
    Manual QA Engineer віддалено
    Our team is looking for an experienced and in-love-with-his job Manual QA Engineer to provide quality assurance and quality control within development teams on different projects on various platforms in the company 😉 ABOUT US Visartech Inc.
  • 12 червня 2022
    Unity Developer віддалено
    You’ll become a part of our Unity team, and will work on the most complex and challenging part of our projects, related to the project architecture, math, networking in multiplayer projects, etc. There’s also the potential to become a Unity Tech Lead or an Architect.
  • 10 червня 2022
    React Developer Київ, віддалено
    Visartech is looking for a React Developer to join our team remotely. We seek someone who is passionate about his work, can work with minimum supervision, and has the desire to work on challenging projects 😉 ABOUT US Visartech Inc.
  • 7 червня 2022
    DevOps Engineer віддалено
    Our company is looking for an experienced full-time remote DevOps Engineer, who will be responsible for operating the cloud infrastructure of our products. ABOUT US Visartech Inc.
  • 7 червня 2022
    Level Designer Київ, віддалено
    We are looking for a Level Designer to join the art team. You will create landscapes, golf locations and beautiful sceneries that the user will really enjoy. ABOUT US Visartech Inc.
  • 1 червня 2022
    Project Manager віддалено
    Our company is looking for a Project Manager. Your goals are the delivery of the expected result within the expected deadlines and budgets, to be a leader to the project team, and the bridge between the team and the client. ABOUT US Visartech Inc.