VIMAS Technologies is a software development company with 13 years history in the software industry. It is a privately held limited liability company with main office in Kyiv (Ukraine).

The company utilizes excellent pool of intellectual resources and has a solid team of high-class software developers, engineers and scientists along with experienced management team. Now, we employ about 50 highly professional software developers. The core group of developers is stable and unchanged during 13 years history of operations.

VIMAS Technologies is financially independent companies with the various juridical, banking and territorially forms of existence and operations. Initial capitalization was provided solely by the officers of the corporation. In after years the company was self-funded and profitable due to income from custom projects, products sales and licensing.

Central directions of the company are:

  • software development, based on the voice, audio and image digital signal processing algorithms;
  • digital processing algorithms of singing voice;
  • software outsourcing in the areas of the voice, audio and image digital signal processing or general applications development.

VIMAS Technologies main products are:

  • Web Voice& Audio recorders to record audio on the web site. Implemented as Java applets;
  • Web Voice Chat to talk on the web. Client implemented as Java applet;
  • Web Voice Mail as Java applet;
  • Web Image Guru Suite for essential image enhancements and compression;
  • VIMAS Imaging SDK — the comprehensive image processing toolkit;
  • software for training of singing& rhythm skills.