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For 11 years, Vilmate has been connecting skilled, proactive, and smart IT specialists. At Vilmate, 170+ colleagues and teammates — we just call them vilmates — found their room for growth.

We deeply appreciate our vilmates because they are:
😇 Honest and approachable (of course, not excluding our executives)
🤓 Flexible and self-motivated
🤗 Open to dialogue and ready to help
🧐 Dedicated and committed

That’s why we have earned our expertise in developing web and mobile applications for a number of industries: fintech, retail, healthcare, transportation, insurance, and marketing. Our clients are mainly startups and companies from Sweden, Germany, USA, and Israel.

Vilmate values:

Zero bureaucracy. We leave no room for bureaucracy.

Self-organization. We share the idea of “managers of one”. We encourage the initiative and give freedom to realize ideas.

Flexibility. We promote open communication, flexible hours, and full democracy.

Well-being. We care about vilmates’ physical and mental health.

Mutual support. We are always there for our colleagues and provide them new benefits every day.

Fun. We grow together, accomplish challenging tasks, but with greatest pleasure.

Will you be our mate? Let’s find out! Please get in touch with our HR department at [email protected] to learn about open positions and find your room for growth at Vilmate.

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