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  • Data Engineer / ETL developer Киев, удаленно
    Our team is responsible for preparing the analyzable data for further analysis. Mainly we are dealing with consumer data. To achieve our goal we use the latest tools and technologies which help in automating and scheduling the processes.
  • Real-time Anomaly Detection and Response system is a machine learning-based application which detects anomalies in music streams based on twelve detection algorithms.
  • Senior DevOps/SecOps Engineer Киев, удаленно
    We manage the entire Cloud Portfolio. It involves the entire life cycle management of an entire project from design to implementation and termination. We manage the security of all AWS accounts and interface with GSIRT alert resolution.
  • Senior DevOps Engineer Киев, удаленно
    The major role of each member of the team is to manage the AWS infrastructure and delivery of IT security standards, best practices, architecture and systems to ensure information system security across the enterprise.