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Vidmind is a European company since 2011, operates in the vibrant OTT TV industry, where it has developed a state-of-the-art patent, a content delivery platform for multiscreen devices, with a complex management system and monetization tools.
The Vidmind Cloud TV platform offers operators the ability to launch a comprehensive TV service including live TV content, on-demand content (VOD), available on all the App markets.
The Vidmind comprehensive solution is available to end-users across multiple devices including PCs, mobile devices, tablets, smart TVs, Android TVs, as well as a proprietary hybrid OTT/DTT STB.
The Vidmind platform empowers existing large-scale international customers to sell video content by creating their online TV channels while connecting them directly to their online audience.
Vidmind development is carried out across several countries. Its development center is based at the center of Kyiv, with its business hub and outsourcing teams in London and Tel Aviv.

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