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Киев, Прага (Чехия), Берлин (Германия), Барселона (Испания), Дублин (Ирландия), Будапешт (Венгрия)

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The VIAGIO is a technology driven company which owns and operates four global platforms and brands in the travel & tourism industry. We offer an exciting alternative for people seeking to discover the world cheaper and is at the heart of our mission to positively enhance the experiences of a new generation of travelers.

We champion the free tour concept and believe that excellent tours with fantastic authentic local guides should be available to all travelers on fair terms and regardless of budget. We are very successfully disrupting the traditional paid tour model by making top quality free tours easily accessible & bookable.

Short history
We started back in 2010 when the young and passionate entrepreneur identified a niche in the budget and independent travel market and created a free walking tour. The company soon started to expand to key European cities and the success of these ventures allowed us to grow rapidly and evolve into full-scale businesses operating all over the world.

Kyiv, Dublin, Budapest, Barcelona, Prague, and Berlin.

We’re looking for experienced professionals who love travel and tech, who are ready to take challenges and who want to build our Ukraine office together.

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