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vestr is a thriving fintech start-up and B2B financial technology provider. Since starting with three founders in 2017, our team has grown to almost 40 international contributors, including ex-Googlers, Avaloq veterans, Accenture and d-fine experts, and ETH alumni with Master’s degrees in Computer Science and Engineering.

Our awesome group of engineers, financial experts, and thought leaders is driving technological change and working on creating meaningful solutions for the financial sector.
vestr’s white-labelled portfolio management system enables institutional market participants to manage the entire lifecycle of actively managed investment products.
Actively Managed Certificates (AMCs) are securitized portfolios that are dynamically adjusted at the discretion of an investment manager. The global AMC market exceeds $1 trillion in assets under management, with the most significant growth in the last three years. Due to their fast time to market, flexibility, and lower costs, AMCs offer many benefits over comparable financial vehicles. This allows investment managers to turn their investment ideas into a product on the same day.

Our goal is to become the leading platform for active investment management.