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28 квітня 2020 13:08

Darina Dushko, Business Development Manager з 2018 року

I joined the company about 2 years ago, it was a very intuitive decision and I didn’t regret any minute. First 2 years I worked as Senior Operations Manager and recently changed the department and the role of Compliance Project Manager.
VGS is a unique company due to:
— amazing highly professional bunch of people who work as one team and “inquisitive can do” approach is their biggest value
— culture of support and respect makes you feel truly appreciated, all questions answered and you have help in all related aspects
— an executive team who are truly inspiring Silicon Valley professionals
— the company has a very high pace which makes you develop every single moment ( no time to be bored!)
— an interesting product so much needed nowadays
So many other things, but the most important is an environment helping you to become a better person and grow up as a professional.


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