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О компании is a young, well-funded startup using Artificial Intelligence to transform the immense world of audio transcription.

Our mission: To textualize the world’s verbal content making online content accessible to all.

Verbit is a leading transcription and captioning solution that fuses artificial and human intelligence to provide 99.9% accuracy at a rate 10 times faster than the industry standard.
Built on self-learning algorithms, Verbit is the only platform that leverages contextual data, specific acoustic models and current events to provide each customer with a tailored model that keeps improving with time.

Verbit’s flexible cloud system includes customizable templates and allows users to upload files directly, via API or through integrations with leading platforms like YouTube, Kaltura, Panopto and Vimeo.
An intuitive user interface enables seamless editing, reviewing and collaboration for clients and transcribers alike.

Even though we are still a very young company, we have been able to get customers such as Coursera, Udacity, Stanford, Utah and about 2 hundred other customers.

Unlike other startup companies, our company was able to generate significant revenues from the start. We generated millions of dollars revenue in our first year!