Bookmap is a professional high-performance visualization & trading platform which have set a new standard for accurate visualization of market data. One of the challenges in the industry is large amounts of market data.
18 июня 2021

Java Developer

удаленно до $3000

Необходимые навыки

We pay $ 100 for the completed test task!
Participate in the competition and receive $ 100 for completing the test task and the opportunity to become part of the Bookmap team.

if you want to learn more about the position before doing the test feel free to contact us

1. Java fundamentals, OOP, Concurrency.
2. Computer Science knowledge: Algorithms, Data structures, Performance, etc.
3. Written English.

Будет плюсом

1. Interest in modern software and hardware technologies and frameworks.
2. Web basics: JS, Services, etc.
3. UI/UX fundamentals.


If you are looking to challenge yourself, always was among the best in class, you are self disciplined and maintain a positive and respectful communication, this job is for you

1. Сode from anywhere in the world. Completely remote!
2. Be part of a team that work on an innovative product (not an outsource company)
3. Grow with us to new technologies & algorithms
4. Improve your skills with a professional team
5. Get a decent salary with pleasure

О проекте

Bookmap is a high-performance market data visualization & trading platform. It is used for trading futures, stocks and digital- cryptocurrencies at CME, Eurex, Nasdaq, GDAX and many other exchanges.
Visit for more details.

As a part of the hiring process we would appreciate if you can solve the test task. It is expected to take 90 min on average and we offer $100 compensation for the correctly completed tasks. Compensation will be paid via Payoneer service.

Your solution will be tested against a few input files, some of which are different from the example provided in this document. Performance will be taken into account so solutions that are too slow will be rejected. Note that we will only inform if your test task passed or failed. In case you passed, we will continue the process, however, we may not provide detailed feedback in case of a failure.

We wish you good luck with the test and looking forward to progress with you.

The Bookmap team or telegram (+380666161868)