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26 марта 2020 13:16

Denys Dmytrenko, Global IT Engineer с 2019 года

Great work-life balance, flexible schedule, your peformance is evaluated based on the quality of the job done and not on the time spent, ocassional work from home is welcomed, as long as you get your job done.
Fair compensation and yearly reviews, again, based on your performance, everyone get what they deserved.
Possibility for promotions, vertical and horizontal career growth — these phrases are not empty words and do really mean something here.
Also, I have the best manager I’ve ever had in my life, but I can’t guarantee all other managers are the same:)
Super friendly people, healthy atmosphere, lots of fun events, people are cared for.
Fair benefit package: english courses & gym partial compensation, health insurance.
I’m pretty happy with my employment so far, but maybe you could find challenging something like:
Requirement to account for your time, maintain weekly\monthly timelog (TBH, it’s not that bad, I’ve seen much worse)
So far I was unable to get company to pay for my courses\certifications. There’s a yearly balance you should be able to spend on that, so technically, it is possible.
All in all — nothing major to add here.

Career Opportunities 5/5
Compensation & Benefits 5/5
Work\Life Balance 5/5
Senior Management 5/5
Culture & Values 5/5


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