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13 июня 2018 15:33

Yaroslav Kuchuk, Senior .NET Developer с 2017 года

I have been working in Valtech_ since April 2017 and it looks like thee right place for me.
Special thanks for perfect social package — you have a lot of helpful benefits (medical insurance, compensations for sports and English, paternity leave, etc.).
The company supports you in your professional growth (some amount for certification and self-education per year), craft circles and communities within company for knowledge sharing. A lot of freedom, no bureaucracy, horizontal communications — you can ask everybody about everything, easy and smoothly on-boarding process, multi-culture collaboration. Communication is important in Valtech_, you are welcome to ask, you are welcome to suggest, you are welcome to implement.
Valtech_ is a perfect place for senior specialists who want to increase their skills and take part in something new with new roles and also it is a good place for rookies — you can learn a lot of new things.

Поддержали:  Igor Frolov Anna Nefedieva Nina Selina


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