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Hi all! We’re Valor Software, a company with Kharkiv roots and a team from all over the world. We make web and mobile solutions cool enough to be appreciated by Bill Gates 🧐

📍What’s important for the start
Valor Software was created by an engineer for engineers. This gives us efficient processes that help projects and teams. Valor’s CEO Dmitriy Shekhovtsov who’s become the first Angular Google Developer Expert in Ukraine describes himself as a JavaScript addict and a software architecture maniac :) Therefore the company has a pragmatic approach to everything, and we use cutting-edge technologies.

📍Company’s domain
Valor’s key expertise lies in JavaScript and TypeScript. We build solutions for web and mobile, including complex ecosystems with hardware devices, helping the best enterprise and nonprofit products grow. Worth mentioning, that we also have our products, the ngx-bootstrap library, and the Medusa Federated Dashboard are a couple of them.

We embrace knowledge within the company and share it beyond, so Valorians are regular speakers at OpenJS World, JS Camp Barcelona, ngAtlanta, Quality Assurance Days, and other events. We’re also huge open-source fans and activists. We contribute to NativeScript and RxJS, sponsor NestJS (which is like Express only better), recently have been doing much for Module Federation, and hope to do even more in the future! Nothing special, basically we’re just doing our job :P

📍Valor’s priorities
People — Product — Profit. Precisely in such an order.
Valor has a flat management structure, which means that every team member can reach every other team member or customer through just a messenger window. No shenanigans, simple as that.

Our values and priorities:
☞ Nurture self-improvement and knowledge-sharing to become stronger as a team
☞ Work to build a quality product and educate the client in case their requirements put quality in question
☞ Treat income as a fair reward for our professionalism, and not as a determinant of our goals

📍Valor’s team
We’re completely international with the largest communities of Valorians located in Europe and Brazil. The unique thing is that we succeed in being close and connected despite any possible distance. You can reach any team member as simply as starting huddling in Slack :-)

We communicate a lot, have regular company updates, ask questions, push new initiatives, and conquer the world of Hi-Tech step-by-step. No matter where you’re, the chances are high that you’ll have your local colleagues from Valor Software nearby.

📍Get to know more about us

❗️And join the team!
Check Valor’s openings and apply. Found no position that would be just right for you? — Just send your resume to [email protected] , and we’ll see what we can offer :)

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