We put the tech in fintech.

We are product launchers and provide solutions in fintech, cryptocurrency, digital banking, and digital transformation.

Our passion is to create technological solutions for demanding international clients from Singapore to San Francisco.

Our headquarters is in Bratislava, and since 2012, our community has grown to 290 members, mainly from Slovakia, Czech Republic, and Hungary. Now, we are looking to expand our operations to Ukraine.

Our main objective is to work on challenging projects that have a chance to positively
influence the quality of people’s lives or promote conscious consumer behavior.

With these projects, we helped our clients to succeed:
• being the first company ever to implement Thought Machine in Asia
• co-building Mox.com — next-generation digital bank in Hong Kong from scratch in less than two years.
• creating Yoroi — a wallet for Ada cryptocurrency with 170 K downloads,
• developing the carbon footprint online calculator for Doconomy, now widely available for companies and customers
• launching Daylight, the very first LGBT+ digital banking platform in the USA

We are looking for people who are not afraid to work in challenging environments and international teams. We love to use modern frameworks and cutting-edge solutions, such as React, React Native, Clojure, Kotlin, or even Haskell, but never just for the sake of using it. Everything has to make sense.

Our people get support to start their pet projects that can evolve into spinoffs — feasible, independent companies we can also support financially, such as Adalite or Sparring.

To promote better coding practice, we have also developed our No Spaghetti manifesto.

Our company is a vibrant and welcoming community based on a solid vision and shared skills and values. Despite the remote nature of our work, we create space for our community in our nine offices (in 6 countries, incl. Praha, Brno, and Bratislava). This also means we would like to open an office in Kyiv, and there is always a possibility of relocation (Prague, Bratislava, Budapest). Whatever works for you works for us.