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Hello candidate! Let’s get acquainted!

v-jet group is a relatively young IT company in Dnipro!
For 9 years the company has experienced a lot, both ups and downs, but has always remained faithful to the main principles of work:

1 — deliver a quality product
2 — promote the company’s employees continuous development
3 — always keep up with the times and use only the latest technologies in the development

Our main goal is to provide a quality product for clients in the field of programming.
You will not see cross-platform applications or boxed CMS here. We have only interesting and cool projects waiting for you, from social to commercial, from Kazakhstan to Argentina.

Our projects can be viewed here:


Each of v -jet group’s guys is a part of a large and strong family of professionals. Our company has employees who have been with us for more than 3 years, and you can become one of them!
The team consists of middle + & senior level professionals, along with whom the development path is endless!
Looking forward to seeing you in our team soon!

Follow us on:

Official website v-jet.net
Instagram — www.instagram.com/v_jet_group/
Facebook — www.facebook.com/v.jet.ltd/
Twitter — www.twitter.com/v_jet_ltd
Linkedin — www.linkedin.com/company/4999834/