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uxmag.com has a legacy of over 20 years spent inspiring and informing the realm of experience design, including customer and employee experience (CX + EX). In that time, technology has evolved so rapidly that people—customers and employees alike—are in danger of being left behind. Our readers and contributors have always been an important line of defence at this threshold. They know that the ability to access and utilize technology is predicated on how easy it is to use, and work with organizations to make sure users’ experiences with technology are rewarding and inclusive, rather than alienating and isolating.

We’ve always relied on a community of dedicated practitioners to make sure that UX is valued at the highest possible levels. We’ve always been focused on enabling practitioners to share ideas and support each other in order to elevate the conversation beyond formal UX circles and into the highest levels of organizations. As we continue sharing stories from experience design pioneers like Donald Norman, Jesse James Garret, Jared Spool, and Allan Cooper, as well as many of today’s top innovators, we need you to join us. Membership is free and gets you access not only to exclusive content, illuminating newsletters, and timely must-reads, but to a growing community of over 500,000 peers.