Репутація українського ІТ. Пройти опитування Асоціації IT Ukraine

9 июля 2019 13:46

Oleh Kolomiets, Android developer с 2016 года

Uptech it all about the people and for people. Creative environment and professionals around you create a culture of constant growth and self-development. We are building the team in such a way that everyone really cares about the products that we are building and not treat it as just a job so that we could bring more value to the world.
I had a chance to join the team among one of the very first teammembers so I was able to observe the evolution of the team. I’m really happy to be a part of this amazing team.

Поддержали:  Andriy Bas


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Actually — the very first team member (except founders) at Uptech 😉))
Thanks for staying with us and for shaping our team and culture! You rock, man!

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