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Uptech it all about the people and for people. Creative environment and professionals around you create a culture of constant growth and self-development. We are building the team in such a way that everyone really cares about the products that we are building and not treat it as just a job so that we could bring more value to the world.
I had a chance to join the team among one of the very first teammembers so I was able to observe the evolution of the team. I’m really happy to be a part of this amazing team.

Поддержали: Andriy Bas

Actually — the very first team member (except founders) at Uptech 😉))
Thanks for staying with us and for shaping our team and culture! You rock, man!

Отправил резюме, но получил какой то невнятный отказ, что у вас «нет вакансии которая подошла бы под мой опыт и навыки». Но при этом в резюме указан коммерческий опыт больше года, а навыки совпадают практически один в один. Значит причина видимо в том что уже нашли более подходящего человека? Почему тогда ответ был такой? Буду рад если кто нибудь прояснит ситуацию. Спасибо и удачи :)

P.s: Пишу об этом сюда чтобы люди с идентичной проблемой смогли увидеть ответ.

Здравствуйте, Иван. Первый этап рассмотрения кандидата на позицию у нас — CV и GitHub review. По результатам просмотра резюме мы отправляем стандартный комментарий при отказе. К сожалению, из-за большого колличества кандидатов на этом этапе мы не можем предоставлять расширенный отзыв. Мы понимаем, что это не лучший вариант обратной связи, и мы уже в процессе улучшения данного процесса.
Мы благодарны за ваш интерес к нашей позиции. Расширенный фидбэк мы вышлем вам на почту.

В компании Uptech созданы все современные условия для комфортной работы. Компания активно растет в количестве и способствует росту сотрудников. Для меня важным фактором при выборе компании являлись — внутренняя культура и философия компании, которые полностью соответствуют моим убеждениям и ценностям в жизни. Собрана команда из молодых квалифицированных специалистов в своей области.

Плюсы компании:

— Возможность карьерного роста;
— Вдохновляющая среда и комфортные условия работы;
— Возможность развиваться;
— Техническая и финансовая поддержка;
— Открытость и честность;
— Возможность влиять на внутренние процессы компании;
— Гибкий график;
— Высокая экспертиза в своей области;
— Достойная заработная плата.

Поддержали: Andriy Bas

Hey, Oleh! Thanks for joining Uptech and creating awesome design with us) And for taking an active role in the company life!

Uptech is the best team I had so far. I’ve joined more than year ago and still feel excitement and joy to work together. At Uptech we have awesome clients from Unicorns to seed startups, different domains and ability to learn fast. The most I love is a transparency and guidance. Thanks Uptech for making it happen in Ukraine❤️.

UPTech is not less than fabulous place to work
I’ve joined the team 2 years ago and during this time had a lot of opportunity to grow as a developer
Team members create great, inspiring atmosphere where freedom and expertise are appreciated
It is a pleasure to be a part of the team 👍

Поддержали: Andriy Bas

Thanks for the feedback, bro! It’s a pleasure working together!

3 months with Uptech, tons of fun, awesome clients and team that feels more like a family. Keep it awesome guys, proud to be a part of it ❤️

Поддержали: Andriy Bas

Thank you, bro! We’ll keep it awesome together!

I’ve joined uptech 2 years ago.
It’s unique place where freedom, mutual understanding and love reigns

Поддержали: Andriy Bas

thanks for joining us and for creating our team together ❤️

Uptech is the best place for people that want to make world a better place through software. Everyone here cares about a stuff they do and is proud to be a part of the team.

— Uptech puts people first, any issue can be brought up and discussed;
— everyone in the team carries company values and culture, it’s a pleasure to work with such people;
— Uptech gives the freedom to choose the best way for you to bring a value for the company;
— company cares about team professional growth, for example members can use 10% of their working time for self-development and learning;
— projects are really nice fun and impactful.

I’m happy that I’ve joined Uptech 3 years ago. Since then, the company has gave me a lot of opportunities to grow and become a person, I’d never thought I’d be. Thank you for that!

Поддержали: Andriy Bas

Hey, Arthur! Thanks for your feedback. We’re so lucky to have met you in 2016 and joined our forces! You shaped and influenced our team a lot since 2016, and helped us tremendously build what we have now at Uptech! Thank yo for that! ❤️

I’ve joined Uptech 2 years ago and for sure I can say that this company is a dream place to work and grow! The team is a family with common values and aspirations, where everyone’s thought matter. The company always gives different opportunities to grow as a cool specialist and share your knowledge with others. And there are a lot of other great advantages that Uptech has.
I’m so thankful and happy to be a part of Uptech❤️

Поддержали: Andriy BasArthur Myronenko

Thanks for creating this awesome atmosphere at Uptech, for your great contribution as a developer^ and for being so cheerful and making all our team members smile))

A couple of months ago I joined Uptech and began my journey. So my impressions are below.

Firstly, I want to mention that Uptech charmed me from the beginning, I mean the whole recruiting process. It was a unique and enjoyable process for me to participate.

Secondly, the people the company are so kind and intelligent. Evermore ready to support you, give you advice and help you become an active member of the IT community.

Thirdly, It is a motivating, comfortable work atmosphere there (like for a flexible time). Are you tired? Take a rest, join snacks on the office kitchen and talk with mates. Join games, parties or other events.

Lastly, there are so much to write about, but it will be a limitless review. Definitely, I will recommend you to join Uptech. Be part of the magnificent team that I ever have seen.

Поддержали: Andriy BasArthur Myronenko

Hey, Yaroslav! Thanks a lot for your detailed feedback! And thanks for being an active member of Uptech, we value your contribution as a developer, weekly host organizer, android enthusiast and much more! Glad to have you onboard!

Uptech is a unique space, where we’re developing really good products! Values inside the company are great and each team member could find a lot of opportunities for self-development.
Proud to work here and be part of such a cool team!
Peace! Love! Uptech 🚀

Поддержали: Andriy Bas

Thanks for the feedback, bro, and for contributing to our team 🚀!

Uptech is a really special place to work at, with a great culture that let’s you have freedom with responsibility and gives you a lot of opportunity to grow.

Поддержали: Andriy BasArthur Myronenko

Thanks for the feedback, bro! Glad to be working together!

I’ve joined 2.5 years ago, UPTech is a very nice company that has a good culture and opportunity to grow. <3 <3<3

Поддержали: Andriy BasArthur Myronenko

We’re very glad to be working together, bro! You rock! 🚀

Really wanted to join this team in their beginning, but failed then. Now I’m working with Uptech and I am so pleased that everything I imagined about this company is true. Cool people, cool projects and the best working environment!

Поддержали: Andriy Bas

Glad you didn’t lose the enthusiasm and finally joined our team! Love working together! 🚀

To warm up this review, I need to say, that I work here for almost 5 months. Yeah, not a lot, but need to say that it is best 5 months in my career. I found here a lot of great and professional people, who has a common vision — to improve this world. Uptech shows me, that people are driving force, which in best working conditions can achieve all setted goals. Values of the company are great and clear, so I am glad that can contribute to projects and understand why I do this. Uptech definitely rocks!

Поддержали: Andriy Bas

Thanks for the feedback and for contributing to our team! You rock! Happy to work together!

UPTech is a friendly and cohesive team that gives you the opportunity to grow every day ♥

Поддержали: Andriy Bas


Almost a year ago I joined UPTech and I’m sure it was a right decision. Big team with its own values and principles which are very close to me. Happy to work here! ♥

Поддержали: Anastasia ShpiliakAndriy Bas

Happy to be working with you as well)

I’ve recently joined the UPTech Team and would like to tell that company’s onboarding approaches are very cool and clear — new team members quickly get acquainted with all the company policies, as well as its values and common vision. It’s a pleasure to be a part of such a great team who consists of young motivated experts!

Поддержали: Anastasia ShpiliakAndriy Bas

Glad to have you onboard)

A great team with great intentions. This is a good chance to develop both working skills and personal skills

Поддержали: Anastasia ShpiliakAndriy Bas

Thanks, man!

I am proud that I’m working in such a great company! Freedom and responsibility is a wonderful principle!

Поддержали: Anastasia ShpiliakAndriy Bas

Thanks for contributing to it)

Happy to work here! Great Company, friendly team, nice office and cozy atmosphere :)
A company gives you not only a possibility to grow and learn but also having fun with your teammates.

Поддержали: Anastasia ShpiliakAndriy Bas

Yay, we do! Fun is an important part of building a cool team)

Cool team, great opportunity to grow not only as professional but as a person, interesting tasks and projects, freedom and responsibility — that’s all is Uptech.

Поддержали: Anastasia ShpiliakAndriy Bas

Thanks, man!

You are great, guys! Proud and happy to work with you!
Uptech in <3

Поддержали: Anastasia ShpiliakAndriy Bas


Amazing team. Happy to be part of this company!
If you are smart, proactive, self-manageable person then UPTech team is the best option for you!

Поддержали: Anastasia ShpiliakAndriy Bas

Thanks for being with us)

Friendly atmosphere, amazing culture, great benefits, good opportunity to learning new technologies, awesome people!

Поддержали: Anastasia ShpiliakAndriy Bas

yay, thanks for the warm words!

Working in UTPech = doing what you love. There is no competition inside the team, no gossips or talking behind somebody’s back. The team is friendly and open-minded, we spend time together not only at work but in free time as well. I love that the company is flexible to employee’s needs, and in return, we are responsible for completing our tasks. UPTech offers a comfortable environment with plenty of growth opportunities.

Поддержали: Andriy Bas

Thanks for the warm feedback! Glad to be working with you!

Отправлял вам на днях резюме на позицию Android developer. Там с ссылками вышла накладка небольшая. Извиняюсь.
Вот ссылка на резюме с валидными ссылками

Вважаю, що мені пощастило потрапити в Uptech. Нарешті я знайшов місце де можна випробувати свою проактивність, можливість розвивати бізнес та лідерські навички. Це місце дійсно підходить тим, хто відповідальний, не потребує пінка, контролю та вміє себе мотивувати сам. Uptech для тих хто ставить розвиток себе, команди на перше місце.
Якщо ти сильна особистість, то я б залюбки з тобою попрацював би!

Well, it is definitely a special place where each person feels its weight. Here you may be involved in company’s cultivation by suggesting your own ideas and improvements in any area. You may set your own goals and will be encouraged for taking challenges, thus you will be able to grow constantly. I have met some great people here that inspire me every day. UPTech <3

UPTech is a great combination of Professionalism and Culture, where you will find a great team work and collaboration, constant and honest feedback on work you’ve done and appreciation for the successes you’ve achieved.
You will love to work at UPTech if you consider yourself as a responsible, self-manageable and dedicated person.
I would recommend to join our team if the info above appeals to you.

Thanks, man. You rock! It’s a pleasure working with you!

I can say that UPTech is a great team for great people. If you are intelligent, proactive and strive to learn something new — it’s the best environment to improve yourself and gain new skills.
The atmosphere in the team is very friendly and they treat you like a part of their family.
I would highly recommend talented young people to try your chances at working in UPTech Team.

Thanks for the warm feedback) You rock!

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Оценка компании: 98/100

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