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UPTech is a team of Mobile & Web developers. We help startups and companies build amazing Android and iOS apps, websites and chatbots with the right market fit.

For UPTech developers each project is like our own, that’s why we regularly ask ourselves: “How can I make it even better?”. We share the ideas with clients, as we have one purpose: create a product which would make app users gasp with excitement.

Our mission is to enrich people’s lives bringing technology with great user experience. We care about the value for the final customer.

UPTech team members don’t just work — they do what they love, learn, enjoy and have fun every single day. English speaking Fridays, salary reviews, feedback sharing, attending events together, getting praises, growing as a professional and a person are just a few things we have at UPTech.

Happy team creates incredible products. We’re eager to bring ideas to life.

Stay in contact with us:
Github: github.com/uptechteam
Facebook: facebook.com/uptechteam
Twitter: twitter.com/uptechteam
Instagram: instagram.com/uptechteam

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Оценка компании: 97/100

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