Hi! We are Uptech — an International Software Development Company working with startups and enterprises from the US and Europe. Products and ideas inspire us. So we build them ourselves and help our clients launch products that make a positive change in people’s lives.

For eight years, we have built over 150 products, including an award-winning Dollar-Shave Club. Samely, in our R&D department, we have launched 7 successful products, for example Plai, Sommo, Dyvo, and Rozmova.

GoodFirms listed Uptech as TOP App Developer in 2019.

Uptech also got the Best Software Dev Partner Award from Eurasian Startups Awards in 2019.

Uptech was named TOP B2B company by Clutch in 2020 and 2022.

In 2021 we got the mobile excellence award and honorable mention from awwwards. For the StartupBlowup project.

Best IT Employer Award from MC Today 2021.

In 2022 we got in the Top 1000 Global Service Provider and TOP 100 App Development Companies by Clutch.

Uptech’s mission is to create products in an inspiring working environment with unique people-oriented culture and values!


Our clients are startups and mature businesses with clear goals and missions. These are visionaries from the US and Europe who make fintech, healthcare, social tech projects that bring positive value into people’s lives. They are top experts in their industry domains, experienced entrepreneurs who know their craft.

But at the same time, these are people who are open to new ideas and seek expert advice on product development. Uptech team gives this advice and helps co-founders put their ideas into life.

We care for the impact we bring! Uptech team does not work with industries that speculate on people’s weaknesses or bring anxiety into people’s lives (gambling, betting, shady dating, etc.).


We help startups and more mature businesses to create apps that users need. Here is how we do that:

Product Discovery. We believe that great products come from understanding users. So at the Discovery stage, we talk to people, learn their needs and pains, test ideas, validate technical feasibility.

UX/UI Design. Driven by user-centered design principles, we conduct Design Sprints and Product Studio sessions. Such practices help us learn the users better and validate ideas before implementing them.

Mobile and Web Development. Uptech development team creates iOS, Android, React Native, Back End, Front End, QA, and Web products using the latest technologies and stack:

Android: Kotlin, Coroutines/RxJava, Dagger, Retrofit, Clean Architecture, Room, JUnit

iOS: Swift, RxSwift, MVVM/Redux, XCTest and SnapshotTesting

Web Front End: JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, TypeScript, React + Redux / MobX, Next.js, Storybook, Jest, Cypress

Back End: Node.js, Typescript, Nest.js/Express.js

Databases: SQL (MySQL, PostgreSQL), NoSQL (MongoDB), Elasticsearch/Algolia, Redis

Cloud Infrastructure: AWS Cloud, Google Cloud

CI/CD: CircleCI, Gitlab CI, Github Actions

DevOps Tools: Terraform, Ansible, Docker

Analytics: Segment, Amplitude


We believe that great ideas are born in a place where people feel freedom. So we trust our people and give them freedom in many aspects.

At the same time, we rely on our people and expect them to be responsible for the result. This is how our culture of Freedom and Responsibility works.

If you are proactive crave for knowledge and self-improvement, Uptech offers opportunities to:

🚀 Create apps for bold ideas

Join us to work with cool startups and established companies from the US and Europe, creating digital products in the healthcare, finance, social, entertainment, and mobile-commerce industries.

🚀 Enjoy a really flexible schedule

Work 8 hours per day depending on your biorhythms (without a fixed start of your working day); Feel free to work from any corner of the world or/and base yourself at our cozy office with fresh juices, filter coffee, and smart colleagues in downtown Kyiv.

🚀 Use Freedom wisely

Work and set your goals without a usual hierarchy or bureaucratic processes. Propose your ideas on improving Uptech and become a powerful contributor to company growth.

🚀 Raise your potential

Gain new skills and experience with a personal development plan & support from experienced colleagues, bi-weekly department meetings & Tech Talks.

🚀 Make our planet a better place together

Join our initiatives of supporting hospitals during pandemics; eco-activities such as recycling, planting trees, cleaning our hometown; conducting education events; supporting pets shelters. Propose charity projects to enact positive change.

🚀 Enjoy the spirit of transparency, fun, and sustainability

At Uptech we keep things transparent. Future plans, success stories and failures, revenues — we do not hide anything from our team. Such policy provides equality and makes all members feel united.


Uptech team was formed by Ukrainian developers who want to live and work in Ukraine. Along with the whole Ukrainian people, we feel a lot of sorrow about the ongoing war and the destruction it brings. However, Uptech team, and each member individually, choose to stay strong and act.

Since the first day of the war, we actively joined the IT army of Ukraine to make DDoS attacks on russian websites.

Besides that, Uptech was among the first IT companies who made donations to the “Come Back Alive” fund (8 000 000 UAH).

Some of us have bravely joined the territorial defense forces and became volunteers. For such people, Uptech provides an opportunity to work part-time.

Also, we realize how hard it might be to lose a job these days. So for the newcomers joining Uptech from 24 February, we may pay salaries upfront. Moreover Uptech has financial reserves, cuts expenses, and pays taxes up-front.

During all these days, we stay together as a team, supporting and helping each other to hold on.

We believe in the power of truth, the Ukrainian National Army, and teamwork.

Join Uptech and become a part of a conscious, smart, and fun community!

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