Upswot is the white-label loan onboarding platform with adjusted business processes, accurate underwriting & pre-scoring to help the Lenders provide more loans to SME better, faster, and cheaper Upswot saves days and even weeks for financial analysts, cuts underwriting costs by up to 57%, and increases acceptance rate by 25% by pulling and automatically...
5 мая 2021

Middle Data Scientist (вакансия неактивна)


Необходимые навыки

Our candidate is highly motivated, result-oriented, hard-working, desire data analysis, and creation of prediction models.

We are looking for an experienced data scientists with strong mathematic skills, experience in data analysis, data structuring, building models for cash flow prediction, sales values predictions for different business areas for SMB and Mid-market.
Our candidate must have successfully validated models for the prediction of any economic factors.

The minimum tech stack for our candidate is:
* Python — advanced (experience in working with prediction libraries and libraries used for ML)
* MySQL — advanced
* RESTful API — basic understanding of REST principals
* Proficient using statistics and learning tools.
* Have experience building production-ready systems that capture and utilize large data sets in order to improve products performance
* Understanding theoretical concepts of statistics/probability, data mining, machine learning
* Extensive experience with data preparation for statistical or machine learning models

Strong knowledge of data science principles and theory is a must.
Our candidate has to know mainstreams in the data science area.
The ability and desire to self-studying is a must.
Experience in ML is a must.

Our successful candidate is a team player, always ready to help, to support, and to teach teammates.

Будет плюсом

The deep understanding of accountancy, principals of CF, PL, and general business management are nice to have.


We offer to become a part of a strongly motivated team.
Develop a product that changes the banking culture of interaction with SMB customers.
You will have many exciting tasks with the ability to create.
You will be able to implement the most innovative ideas that change bank SMB-customers’ life.

We offer shares in the company.


Our candidate will be responsible for the whole data science process:
* to define the business value of the task we solve
* creating of the hypotрesis
* data preparation for statistical or machine learning models (extensive experience is needed)
* marking up the data set
* the development of the model
* model Validation
* automation of the model’s training process

О проекте

Upswot is the Ukrainian startup that is actively scaling in CEE, Western Europe and the US.

Upswot provides an on-prem or private cloud, a white-labeled platform designed to motivate SMB to share the data from their business accounts.

Upswot automatically integrates, structures, and analyses authorized data from data sources including Accounting, CRM, WEB analytics, eWallets, ERP, and eCommerce systems SMBs already use.

Based on the insights of the data from these systems, Upswot helps Lenders & Carriers cross-sell more effectively to both new and current clients with highly personalized and relevant offers.

Besides, our technology saves a lot of time for SME by automating reporting to the Lender or Insurer about the results of the operational activities. We allow SMBs to combine all their business systems in a single screen to get insights into their business, sales, and operations.

We are working with several dozens of Lenders in 4 countries.