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At Upstaff, we focus on mid and long-term projects on a team extension model. That means you will spend 99% of your time working on engineering tasks with your colleagues from the international teams.

You don’t have to be a “ninja” or “rock star” or part of a “family”. However, we ask you to apply your technical and communication skills properly and put a good amount of effort into work.

Our team will support you all the way, from CV composition to onboarding and in-project work.

We will do everything possible to ensure the collaboration is productive.

How to start your journey with Upstaff:

— Select the job you like from our list: upstaff.com/market/requests
— Apply by submitting your info, or talk to Upstaff Manager and tell us what you are interested in;
— Pass up to 2 interviews, discuss feedback with our managers;
— Accept the offer, sign a contract, and start work.

How to receive job Proposals and interview invites:

— Register at Upstaff, upload your resume and mark your skills and expectations or meet your Upstaff Manager and tell us what you are interested in;
— Monitor the jobs proposals we send you and respond to interesting ones;
— Pass up to 2 interviews, discuss feedback with our managers;
— Complete the paperwork and start onboarding.

Upstaff is FOR YOU if you:

— Prefer to work remotely but in a stable team;
— Want to become a part of a distributed international team;
— Enjoy communication and are open to feedback.

It WILL NOT WORK for you if you:

— Don’t need any discussions to do the job;
— Don’t like thinking, proposing solutions, and taking feedback;
— Need only individual tasks written down in every tiny detail.

In our teams, we build a collaborative and friendly environment, where we would like people to be productive and happy. So our commitment to you is always to help sharpen your skills, package your knowledge, and help you to become a good contributor and a valuable professional.

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