Month of Testing — 20 тематических вебинаров, 17 спикеров, подготовка к сертификации ISTQB!
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In the beginning it was going to be just a job, but now I`ve realized that I`m a part of big family. It`s a company of values, morals and high standards. I enjoy working at UPQODE because it is a comfortable workplace (located near city center), friendly environment and a great team.

Поддержали: Yuliya KravchenkoЮра Юра

Proud to be a part our experienced team for 7 months already. We have a great office near the city center, a friendly team, who appreciate help on both sides, lots of benefits and bonuses. We are open to people with willing to grow in terms of the workflow. The projects cover different levels of complexity. I appreciate all of what our team has made for me already. Great job, UPQODE!

Поддержали: Natalie PrystaikoNick Pase

They send doubtful tasks and then don’t answer to their candidates.

Hi there,

I am Nicolae Pasecinic, CEO at UPQODE.

First of all, thank you for taking your time sending us emails and applying your application for our job. In order to understand why is taking so long for us to get back to you, I should inform you that we’ve received 800 Resumes for QA position. Because of that, we’ve created an automated process to filter those resumes.

1st Step — English test, as this is main of our conditions to work with us
2nd Step — QA test.
3rd Step — Interview with our QA lead
4th Step — Interview with our HR and me (CEO)

Unfortunately, you didn’t pass the second step. But don’t be discouraged please gain more experience and apply once again when the vacation will get opened to our position and I am sure you will definitely pass the second step.

Best Regards,
Nicolae Pasecinic

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