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16 квітня 2024

Lead Generation Specialist (LinkedIn, Upwork)

віддалено $500–1000

At Upplabs, we take pride in being a distinguished IT service provider renowned for our innovative solutions and unwavering commitment to exceptional customer service.

We specialize in web and mobile app development, and our primary goal is to assist businesses in optimizing their technology infrastructure. With a proven track record of success, we are on the lookout for a motivated Lead Generation Specialist to join our dynamic team and be a driving force behind our future growth.

Role Overview:

We are seeking a highly motivated Lead Generation Specialist to bolster our sales efforts by implementing cutting-edge approaches and techniques for identifying and engaging potential clients who are seeking our IT services. We’re looking for an individual who is not only proactive and results-driven but also shares our passion for technology and is eager to explore new horizons in lead generation.

What you’ll be doing:

Innovative Prospecting: Leverage the latest online research methods, channels, and industry-specific platforms to identify and engage prospects within our target market.

Expanding Outreach: Implement creative and personalized outreach strategies that captivate and initiate meaningful connections with potential leads.

Multi-Channel Engagement: Utilize emerging technologies and platforms, including but not limited to LinkedIn, Upwork, and other innovative tools, to proactively generate interest in our services.

Qualification Mastery: Skillfully qualify leads by understanding their specific needs, budget constraints, and readiness to engage with our company.

Demonstrating the Future: Schedule and organize meetings and interactive demonstrations for the SDR with qualified prospects, showcasing the latest in tech innovations and our service offerings.

The quolification required:

  • 1 year of professional experience as a Lead Generation specialist in an IT outsourcing/outstaffing company;
  • Strong knowledge of software development processes and lifecycles;
  • Expertise in utilizing platforms such as Upwork, LinkedIn (is a must);
  • LinkedIn account with at least 500 connections;
  • Copywriting skills to create compelling proposals and marketing materials;
  • Familiarity with digital tools and platforms for efficient lead generation;
  • At least Intermediate level of English;
  • Strong communication skills.

What we offer:

  • Fully remote work;
  • Flexible schedule;
  • 21 business days of paid vacation, 10 paid sick leaves per year;
  • State holidays;
  • No bureaucracy and time-tracking systems;
  • The best experience of a lifetime and professional growth

If you are a forward-thinking professional who seeks to elevate the art of lead generation and explore groundbreaking strategies in the field, we want to hear from you.

Join our team and become a pivotal part of Upplabs’ journey into the exciting future of IT services.