Uppeople combine recruiting and marketing to build strong and united teams since 2014.

The marketing approach to recruiting helps us create a bigger coverage for vacancies, increase the response and find teammates that you’ll love.

What we do:
— hire developers, leads, and c-level talents for global teams;
— build an employer brand for companies: consult, develop HR pages, and content that promotes the company;
— design vacancies and promote them through Facebook, Insta and LinkedIn Ads;
— build core teams, help to open an office, create HR content to help companies set their place in the market.

Our mission is to connect talents and companies to create cool products, cause they are closely integrated into ours life: simplify shopping and travel, help to learn, entertain during the next lockdown.

It’s hard to imagine the internet without Google, travel without Airbnb, moving around without Uber, and photos without Instagram. Our goal is to help companies create more value with their products.

What is our superpower:
✅ Have own sourcing technology that is 70% more efficient than traditional methods;
✅ Focus on finding relevant candidates. We find those who fit into the culture and will be a part of the company for years;
✅ Deep knowledge of marketing instruments that increase recruitment efficiency;
✅ Have own CRM system, which provides deep candidates analytics and processes applications faster;
✅ We solve business problems and look for the best move, even if it doesn’t involve recruitment.

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