Hi! We are Uniwell!
We are a customer care team specializing in Health & Fitness products.

About us
Uniwell is an international team that has been providing customer care services to users in the Health & Fitness industry across over 100 countries since 2019. We operate within a a co-founding company Genesis as an independent business unit.

​​▪️️️️ 4+ years of expertise in customer care
​​▪️️️️ 40+ people in our team
​​▪️️️️ 100+ countries — we assist users all over the world
​​▪️️️️ 1 million+ satisfied users after communicating with us

Our Clients
We partner with our clients, commonly from the Health & Fitness industry, and foster their client service experiences and boost their business value through exceptional customer care.

Unimeal explains how weight management works and helps to establish new healthy habits in a comfortable and pleasant way. The app aims to induce people to fall in love with a healthy lifestyle!

The Mad Muscles app easily generates a system of workouts that can be done both at home and in the gym. More strength, more endurance, better shape. Just like that.⠀

HARNA is a cycle-based fitness app designed specifically for women. The app empowers women by helping them better understand their bodies and use this knowledge to improve their overall health.

Our benefits that make job even better
​​▪️️️️ Remote work and flexible schedule
​​▪️️️️ Paid vacation days and sick leaves
​​▪️️️️ Support from experienced colleagues and the leadership
​​▪️️️️ Open and constructive feedback
​​▪️️️️ Space to grow both professionally and personally
​​▪️️️️ Internal library and corporate discounts on various goods and services
​​▪️️️️ Work with digital products that enhance the lives of millions of people globally
​​▪️️️️ First-hand experience in the product IT environment

Boost your career in customer service with us. Join us on this journey!