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  • 30 листопада 2023
    Android developer віддалено
    United Tech builds mobile and web products in the social networking niche, serving a vast user base in the US, UK, Canada, as well as leading European and Middle East countries. And now, we are looking for a Senior Android developer to become a member of our team.
  • 29 листопада 2023
    Head of Operations віддалено
    We are seeking a Head of Operations to join United Tech. This is a key leadership role where you will play a crucial part in driving our operational excellence, fostering team development, and contributing to the strategic growth of the company.
  • 28 листопада 2023
    Creative Marketing Manager Київ, віддалено
    We are currently seeking a Creative Marketing Manager to join the Marketing Department in United Tech. Also, you will have the exciting opportunity to grow within our company and assume the role of Creative Producer of Product.
  • 27 листопада 2023
    Do you have a passion for building strong, lasting partnerships and driving business growth? United Tech is looking for a Partner Account Manager to join our team.
  • 27 листопада 2023
    Customer Success Manager Київ, віддалено
    United Tech is looking for a Customer Success Manager. This is an opportunity to be a pioneer in our growing department, contributing to the establishment of processes and paving the way for future leadership roles.
  • 20 листопада 2023
    Supply Operations Manager віддалено
    We are seeking a Supply Operations Manager to join United Tech. In this role, you will be an integral part of a newly created team, contributing to the development of the department infrastructure.
  • 20 листопада 2023
    Payment Product Manager віддалено
    We are seeking a Payment Product Manager (Senior) to join United Tech. In this role, you will have the great opportunity to build a team from scratch and be at the forefront of developing payment functions.
  • 20 листопада 2023
    Senior PHP Developer віддалено
    Elevate your career by joining United Tech as a Senior PHP Developer! In this role, you will actively contribute to the choice of development tools while also playing a key role in shaping our product architecture.
  • 17 листопада 2023
    Junior Financial Manager Київ, за кордоном, віддалено
    We are currently seeking a Junior Financial Manager to join the United Tech team.
  • 17 листопада 2023
    Financial Manager Київ, за кордоном, віддалено
    Join the team at United Tech as our Financial Manager! You will take the lead in interpreting financial information, offering strategic recommendations to boost profitability, and playing a key role in overseeing the day-to-day financial operations of our innovative projects.
  • 16 листопада 2023
    Account Manager (Spanish) Київ, віддалено
    We are currently seeking an account manager with proficiency in the Spanish language. If you are passionate about building relationships, identifying business opportunities, and thrive in a fast-paced environment, we want to hear from you.
  • 13 листопада 2023
    Technical writer віддалено
    By bringing together talented and innovative minds, we create global social networking and streaming products to connect people around the world. Currently, we are seeking a Technical Writer to join United Tech.
  • 12 листопада 2023
    Middle/Senior Product Designer (Mobile) Київ, віддалено
    We are seeking a talented Middle/Senior Product Designer (Mobile) to join United Tech. You will be responsible for enhancing our product and driving design excellence through research, analytics, and user-focused solutions.
  • 12 листопада 2023
    Middle/Senior Product Designer Київ, віддалено
    We are in search of a Middle/Senior Product Designer who will have the opportunity to implement design solutions, enhance and evolve our design system, directly influence product metrics, make autonomous decisions, and maintain close communication with the team.
  • 8 листопада 2023
    Product Designer (Mobile) Київ, віддалено
    United Tech is looking for a motivated and creative Product Designer (Mobile) to join our team. In this role, you will play a key part in shaping the user experience of our mobile application and contributing to the growth of our product.
  • 2 листопада 2023
    Senior Node.js Developer Київ, віддалено
    We are looking for a Senior Node.js Backend Developer to join United Tech. If you’re passionate about crafting architectures and innovative backend solutions for versatile cross-platform experiences, including web and mobile applications, then we want you on board.
  • 2 листопада 2023
    Senior Node.js Backend Developer Київ, віддалено
    Are you a skilled Node.js Backend developer looking to make an impact? Join United Tech and help shape the future of our global social app for live-streaming.
  • 31 жовтня 2023
    Senior iOS Developer віддалено
    United Tech is actively seeking a Senior iOS Developer to join our team. This is an opportunity to implement your solutions, approaches, and ideas in the development process.
  • 30 жовтня 2023
    User Acquisition Manager віддалено
    We are seeking a talented User Acquisition Manager to join our United Tech team.

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