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  • 29 лютого 2024
    If you’re passionate about technology and have a desire to assist colleagues and troubleshoot their technical challenges, we have an invitation for you. We are currently looking for a System Administrator to join United Tech.
  • 27 лютого 2024
    Payment Product Manager віддалено
    We are seeking a Payment Product Manager (Senior) to join United Tech. In this role, you will have the great opportunity to build a team from scratch and be at the forefront of developing payment functions.
  • 26 лютого 2024
    Head of Partnership Київ, віддалено
    United Tech is on the lookout for a visionary and proactive Head of Partnership to join our dynamic and rapidly growing product. With us, you’ll have the opportunity to own your direction, influence the product, analyze our work, and spearhead new ideas, changes, and improvements.
  • 26 лютого 2024
    United Tech is looking for a Customer Success/Partner Account Manager. This is an opportunity to be a pioneer in our growing department, contributing to the establishment of processes and paving the way for future leadership roles.
  • 26 лютого 2024
    Finance Controller (Reporting, Tax) Київ, за кордоном, віддалено
    Join the team at United Tech as our Finance Controller (Reporting, Tax)!
  • 23 лютого 2024
    iOS Tech Lead Київ, віддалено
    We are seeking a highly skilled and motivated iOS Tech Lead to join our dynamic development team.
  • 23 лютого 2024
    Senior Node.js Backend Developer Київ, віддалено
    Are you a skilled Node.js Backend developer looking to make an impact? Join United Tech and help shape the future of our global social app for live-streaming.
  • 22 лютого 2024
    QA Team Lead віддалено
    We are seeking a highly skilled individual to join United Tech as a QA Team Lead. As part of our team, you will need to be systematic, results-oriented, and possess an ownership mindset.
  • 19 лютого 2024
    Moderation Specialist Київ, віддалено
    Join our team at United Tech, where your talents will find the perfect place! As a Moderation Specialist, you will be at the forefront of ensuring that our platforms maintain the highest standards of quality, security and user experience.
  • 14 лютого 2024
    Middle/Senior ASO Specialist Київ, віддалено
    United Tech is looking for a Middle / Senior ASO Specialist who will develop a strong organic presence in AppStore and Google Play for our mobile apps.
  • 14 лютого 2024
    Partner Account Manager / Spanish Київ, віддалено
    We are on the lookout for a talented Partner Account Manager (Spanish), with the great prospect of advancing to the role of Senior Account Manager.
  • 9 лютого 2024
    Product Analyst Київ, віддалено
    We are currently seeking a Product Analyst to join United Tech. You will have the opportunity to make an impact on our main metrics. This position offers opportunities for career development in a team that provides a supportive work environment.
  • 7 лютого 2024
    Marketing Analyst віддалено
    At United Tech, we are seeking a results-oriented Marketing Analyst to join our team.
  • 7 лютого 2024
    User Acquisition Manager віддалено
    We are seeking a talented User Acquisition Manager to join our United Tech team.
  • 5 лютого 2024
    Data Engineer віддалено
    Become a Data Engineer at United Tech and explore technical development opportunities by immersing yourself in advanced data architecture. Contribute significantly to the development of our Data Lakehouse platform using the latest technologies in the GCP ecosystem.

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