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20 січня 2022

Data Engineer (вакансія неактивна)


Early-stage Fintech company that is predicted to really shake up the banking industry in the Middle East.
In this role, you will be working for an Abu Dhabi Investment Firm that is currently building a Digital Bank with a banking license and a seed capital of $545 Million

Neobank’s Data Engineering team aims to make it easy to use Data Lake by developing efficient tools and technologies for data producers and customers to identify everyday opportunities through big data innovation.
The team is entrusted to engineer next generation data platform, which is once in a lifetime opportunity to develop data platform from scratch. If building world-class tools and technologies which can scale to handle petabytes of data volumes, excites you then this is time to be part of this exciting journey.

This team never stops, learning, innovating, and expanding so that we can build the latest and best tools, technology for company’s continued success.
Data Engineers in Neobank get to work on one of the cutting-edge solutions in ME region. We operate in a challenging, fast paced and ever-changing environment that will push you to grow and learn.

As a Data Engineer, you’ll work very closely with the Product and Business and Engineering team to build efficient tools and technologies to innovate on how data is effectively used at Neobank. You would empower users to solve/address complex problems using data in a truly self-serve mode.

Duties and Responsibilities:

— Build, deploy and manage big data tools with solid devops functions. Be able to manage CI/CD pipelines:
— Deep understanding of the different data formats and table formats in distributed data processing and data storage:
o Data Formats: Parquet, Avro, ORC, Arrow.
o Open Table Formats: Delta Lake, Iceberg, Hudi and Hive.
— Streamline data access and security to enable data scientists, analysts and backend engineers to easily access data whenever they need to;
— Developing automation framework using programming languages such as python and automate the big data workflows such as ingestion, aggregation, ETL processing etc;
— Maintain and optimize the performance of our data analytics infrastructure to ensure accurate, reliable and timely delivery of key insights for decision making;
— Run Modern high performance analytical databases, with Solid understanding of distributed computing, and be able to build out scalable and reliable ETL pipelines and processes to ingest data from a large
number and variety of data sources with high performance analytical databases and computation engines like Spark, Flink, Presto, Synapse and others;
— Understand most of SQL interface to tabular, relational datasets. Some distributed analytic engines like Trino(Formerly Presto), Druid, Clickhouse, Redshift, Snowflake, Synapse, Big Query integrate proprietary storage services with the analytics engine, creating self-contained data lakes functionality;


— A degree or higher in Computer Science, Electronics or Electrical Engineering, Software Engineering, Information Technology or other related technical disciplines (will be a plus);
— Experience in handling large data sets (multiple PBs) and working with structured, unstructured;
— Good experience in handling big data within a distributed system and knowledge of SQL in distributed OLAP environments;
— Knowledgeable on Azure;
— Designed high-performance scalable infrastructure stacks for Big Data Analytics;
— Familiar with tools within the Hadoop ecosystem, especially Presto and Spark;
— Good experience with any programming languages like Python, Go, Scala, Java, or scripting languages like Bash;
— Real passion for data, new data technologies, and discovering new and interesting solutions to the company’s data needs;
— Excellent communication skills to communicate with the product development engineers to coordinate development of data pipelines, and or any new products features that can be built on top of the results of data analysis;

Good to have:

— Experience in design and implement RESTful APIs, and build, deploy performant modern web applications in React, NodeJS and TypeScript;
— Deep understanding on databases and best engineering practices — include handling and logging errors, monitoring the system, building human-fault-tolerant pipelines, understanding how to scale up, addressing continuous integration, knowledge of database administration, maintaining data cleaning and ensuring a deterministic pipeline;

What is in it for you?

— Joining a green field company and participate in the early discussion to shape our engineering processes and culture;
— Working in a cool and relaxed international environment. English will be the main language;
— Peering with talented engineers coming from most relevant tech companies all over the world.

We offer

— Working for the customer directly, ownership culture;
— 20 working days of vacation and 15 sick leaves;
— Health Insurance (after trial);
— Fitness SportLife membership (after trial);
— Company legal and accounting support;
— Tuition and Certification;
— The ability to work from home or remotely (depending on responsibility and results, the better the results, the more freedom);
— Flexible working hours without time trackers;
— Corporate Events;


— Business trip;
— Financial bonuses for performance;

Are you ready?